Distilling spirits

The distillation course gives a basic introduction to production of spirits.

Target audience
Anyone with interest in distilling, but the course is developed for employees in micro distilleries, bar tenders and other people producing and selling spirits.

Entry qualifications
Basic knowledge of food and beverage production is recommended. Basic knowledge of beer brewing is an advantage, but not required.

Raw materials: malt, cereal grains, fruits, syrups, botanicals. Processing: milling, mashing and lautering of malt and grains, preparation of other raw materials, fermentation, batch and continuous distillation, maturation in barrels, blending, filtration and packaging. Part of the course will take place at a distillery.

Presentation material. Recommended additional reading:
Whisky, Technology, Production and Marketing, edited by I. Russell and G. Stewart, Academic Press, 2nd ed., 2014


Conference facility in Copenhagen area.