Describe your beer

Some find it challenging to convey the aroma, taste and mouth feel of a certain beer. This course improves your ability to describe the sensation of beer at advanced level. We will introduce a beer language, which has been developed by beer lovers in collaboration with the Danish beer industry. With your new vocabulary for greater beer experiences you will be able to describe the aroma, taste- and mouth feel of the beer. The language may be applied when assessing the general quality of a beer or describe a yet unknown product. You will also get an insight into the processes and raw materials which may have an influence on the final beer and learn how to use this in your work. There is no exam but a concluding test in recognition of the general sensory perceptions.

Who will benefit?
People involved in production and product development in breweries as well as beer judges, beer enthusiasts, beer journalists, beer bloggers, home brewers and others engaged with development, description and marketing of beer.

What is required?
We require no technical background from brewing.

When, where and how much?
Two days at SSB in Copenhagen, please see ’Calendar & Prices’

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