Cider Making

The cider making course gives an introduction to craft cider making.

Target audience
Cider and beer enthusiasts, wine and beer journalists, food bloggers, home brewers as well as technical staff from the brewing and beverage industries employed in product development.

Entry qualifications
Basic knowledge of food production is recommended

History and market, apple varieties and apple growing, juice making, cider regulations, fermentation and maturation, clarification, filtration, blending, packaging, cider production in the brewery, cider styles tasting, food pairing and product development. We expect to visit a juice factory and to do some apple milling and pressing.

K. L. Johansen: Cider Production in England and France – and Denmark, Scandinavian Brewers Review, Vol. 57, No. 6, 2000
K. L. Johansen: Maturation of cider by Malolactic Fermentation, Scandinavian Brewers Review, Vol. 67, No. 3 2010
Presentation material
Recommended additional reading: Andrew Lea: Craft Cider Making, 3rd edition, 2016


Conference facility in Copenhagen area.