Diploma Craft Brewer

Target audience
Microbrewers and beer enthusiasts, who are passionate about brewing and dreaming of becoming craft brewer or starting their own microbrewery.

Entry qualifications
We strongly recommend 2 months of practical brewing experience in a micro or craft brewery prior to the course or in between the two modules.

In this education, we train coming and present microbrewers the complete process from the raw materials barley, malt, hops, water and yeast into the finished beer – filtered or unfiltered. Cleaning, legislation, product development, calculations, taste testing, microscopy and bottling are subjects covered by specialists, who know the microbrewer profession. We will visit microbreweries to support the theory. As a part of the education, you will make an individual project based on a specific problem in your own brewery ending with a report and an oral presentation. The teaching is conducted in English, but the project report can be in Scandinavian or English.

The first module is held by Copenhagen Summer University as Craft Brewer Course. Please read more and sign up on their homepage. You can also read more on the course description. The second module is held by Department of Food Science. You can sign up throught the contact formula below.

Presentation material.

University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg Campus.


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Terms & Conditions

Invoice will be sent to you in due time due for payment 14 days before course start.

Please include VAT number.

Payment via money transfer or Paypal.

For cancellation later than 14 days before course start, we charge full course fee.

“The Diploma Craft Brewer Course gives you ample opportunity to get in-depth knowledge of the brewing profession, both theoretically and practically. The course gets around the problems and challenges you face every day as a brewer. You meet many interesting and competent teachers and guest lecturers who happily share their knowledge.”

Daniel Pilloni, Craft Brewer, Denmark