Scandinavian School of Brewing and University of Copenhagen jointly offer educations in brewing at different levels. Master Brewer is a two years master study building on a relevant bachelor.

Craft Brewer is often the starting point for new or experienced brewers who wish to make a living of brewing beer. The combination of two weeks intensive training, field studies and project work qualifies for a position in a microbrewery whether it is your own brewery or a brewery that is already established.

If you are ‘new to brewing’ our Beer Brewing Basics or Brewing Summer Course may be the choice for you. If you wish to learn or maintain your beer sensory abilities we suggest you join our Beer Flavour Course.

Primary educations

Master Brewer

University Master Level

Entry qualifications

B.Sc. Food Science, Quality & Technology
or similar B.Sc. qualification.


Technical Management of beer production.

Duration: 2 years study + 6 months practical experience


Craft Brewer

Practical Focus

Entry qualifications

2 months in a micro brewery


Production brewer in microbrewery
Duration: 2 weeks + project work


Other courses

Beer Flavour

In this course, we will learn how to identify and describe some of the most common beer flavours